Updates on USWNT float plans for MLS, Red Bulls, NYCFC

With the U.S. Women’s National Team parade coming on such short notice, logistics continue to move for all participants involved.

For Major League Soccer, New York City FC and the New York Red Bulls, that has meant a downsizing of their initial plans.

As reported on EoS earlier today, each of the MLS triumvirate were slated to host their own float for Friday’s Ticker Tape parade. Neither MLS, NYCFC or the Red Bulls would offer much details outside of their participation.

Now, the picture has become a bit clearer.

Instead of separating each entity, the MLS affiliates have come together to man one float for the parade. In fact, Major League Soccer reduced their space on their float to accommodate Sky Blue, Western New York Flash and NWSL members; a nod to women’s soccer.

MLS has also come through as a major sponsor to the event along with EA Sports, Nike and others, accumulating some $500k to fund the parade route.

Individually, NYCFC have kept their place in the parade simple. The expansion club intends to give their space on the float to fans of the club, including members of the Light Rail (the junior supporters’ club), Blue Ladies and Cityzens.

The New York Red Bulls, however, are going in another direction.

Led by Marguerite Ferrell, the Club’s Senior Manager of Coach Recruitment and Education, and Molly Brady, the team’s social media maven, the Red Bulls are using their space to showcase their role in the development of the next generation of women soccer players.

In her role as Recruitment and Education manager, Ferrell helps to seek out and oversee training of over 60,000 boys and girls, ages 5-15, under the Red Bull umbrella. 40% of participants in the Red Bull program are females. Of those players, 3,000 are marked in the club’s “elite program.” Female athletes constitute 40% of that number as well.

Both Ferrell and Brady were instrumental in the launch of the “She Believes” campaign which began in the lead up to the U.S. Women’s participation in the World Cup. Red Bull Arena, of course, played a vibrant part in that lead up, hosting the U.S. Women shortly before their Canadian excursion began. Brady continued to play a role in bridging the Red Bull Academy girls to the USWNT with viral videos of their youth players recreating key World Cup moments.

Anna Rose, Special Olympics Goalkeeper

Anna Rose, Special Olympics Goalkeeper

Red Bull will have Ferrell and Brady representing the team on the joint float, along with four elite RDS players.

“Something like [the Ticker Tape Parade] is pretty exciting for our girls to be on the float,” Ferrell tells EoS.

But that is not all. Along with their academy standouts, the team is using their final spot on the float to highlight their philanthropic initiatives. Working alongside the Special Olympics of New Jersey, Red Bull will host young athlete Anna Rose — a Special Olympics goalkeeper — to be part of the festivities. The event promises to impact Rose, who is an avid USWNT fan.

“When she is in goal, she says she is Hope Solo,” Brady tells EoS. “Now she may have the chance to meet her in person!”

Neither New York City FC nor the Red Bulls are expected to have team members on their float. MLS Commissioner Don Garber, however, is slated to play a role in the USWNT ceremony at City Hall.

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  • slowleftarm

    Wow, classy moves by both MLS clubs and the league itself. Unlike the cheap Cosmos who just said “no thanks” when asked to chip in and support a celebration of our world cup winners. Guess they’re focusing on developing their huge Swedish fan base.

  • Larry’s A Simpleton

    Bravo to Red Bull, NYCFC, MLS, EA Sports, Nike and all the others who generously donated to this wonderful salue to the world champions!

    SHAME on the f.cosmos for being such cheap bastards. what scum. their huge fan base in el salvador must be very disappointed!

  • Anthony

    all the bad PR today forced MLS to change plans. These floats are still bullshit

  • Tom

    Unfortunate that so many people on this website and elsewhere came out only too eager to sling mud at these clubs initially.

  • Larry’s A Simpleton

    the only bad publicity was from the butt hurt fans of the cheapmos because they were ignored (as usual).

  • The Sheik

    You speak of the Cosmos too often. I may have to have you executed.

  • Anonymous

    Aw, the anti MLS/Cosmos fanboys have nothing to say now? They probably feel embarrassed now after jumping the gun with their reactions. Anyway I guess the Cosmos didn’t want to join because the spot light wouldn’t be on them.

  • The Don

    There are no Cosmos.

    There is no NASL.

    There is only the Glory of Don.

    Whoever seeks soccer glory must go through me.

  • Brad

    You’re just mad cause the Cosmos could care less about women’s soccer. MLS, NWSL, Red Bulls, NYCFC, and Sky Blue are doing the right think with helping out with the parade. Screw the Cosmos for turning a blind eye and not helping out.

  • Larry’s A Simpleton

    when is the spot light ever on the cheapmos?

  • The Don

    Come and bask in my glory, Larry.

    The Almighty Don watches out for the simple minded.

  • Jin Old-Boy

    Either this was already a plan for MLS or they did it because fans were angry that they are using that opportunity to market the league and New York MLS clubs. MLS help funding this event just been announced where the plan could have been happening from the get go or a plan to silence angry fans. The Cosmos would be in trouble weather they left or stayed. When it comes to women’s soccer, the NASL does not have a big role in it yet compared to the MLS and USL.

  • diane

    The MLS, as a result of their sponsorship, were allowed floats in the parade. NYCFC nor NYRB contributed money, but were offered floats by MLS. MLS has 2 teams with NWSL ownership, NYCFC and NYRB are not those 2 teams. NYCFC and NYRB will be promoting their programs, not USWNT or NWSL. At least MLS has some connection to women’s soccer, the others are just capitalizing on the great achievement of winning a World Cup, which they contributed to in no way. Women’s soccer fans and supporters will not forget the way these 2 teams behaved.
    The USWNT deserves all of the attention tomorrow, NYCFC and NYRB deserve none.

  • tim

    dicks, still scum

  • Kevin

    Actually who cares about the reasons of why they are in or not in. Its not about these teams its about the women’s team. Its about promoting a very cool sport in this country. The rest of this is crap. My daughter is a bigger fan of soccer today because of what those women pulled off. Who cares what the three mens local teams do. Its not about them at all.

  • Cosmosfan

    You are beyond a loser.

  • Cosmosfan

    Damage Control 101. Looks like the MLS types bought it hook, line and sinker. Now, go buy some merchandise before you ban you!

  • chepe

    This is about the women’s national team …not MLS/ RLS …or any other team. Its sad how Manchester city usa fans , and red bull energy fans , have anger for a team who, put soccer on the map in the USA, and in new York.

  • Love it – great idea by NYRB to celebrate Womans soccer

  • JD

    I guess you didn’t read the article. RBNY runs a women’s age group program. Not that is I huge connection but it is a connection. For compaison, NYCFC has no connection to women’s soccer.

  • slowleftarm

    Yeah after Cosmos “put soccer on the map in the USA” there was no professional league in this country for 11 years. Well done. Also what connection does the current Hempstead team have with the old Cosmos beyond a name? MLS and especially our national teams have put soccer on the map here.

  • The Realist

    People literally had no idea what soccer was in the US before Pele joined the Cosmos. Let’s not be entirely revisionist here. The old NASL had its faults but they did create, for a while, a buzz. That buzz helped us get the ’94 world cup. So, let’s not whitewash history.

  • Larry’s A Simpleton

    the nasl buzz lasted 10 years??? lol! more proof positive fans of the deadbeat cheapmos are delusional.

  • Anonymous

    Totally agree with you!

  • The Realist

    No, but it put the wheels in motion. I realize that you are a simpleton but, really, know the history of the sport you profess to love.

  • CosmosPetke

    I had a wet dream about Petke last night. I’m a guy.

  • David Carlin, Boy Lover

    The Cosmos declined out of respect for the women’s national team and allowed them to have their moment in the spotlight . Nothing classy about posting your colors and logos all over a float and saying they’re here for the women. I see nothing more than a cheap marketing ploy. Stay classy Redbull and **** City FC.

  • Yawn

    Also Sky Blue FC will be on the same float

  • Larry’s A Simpleton

    cheapmos declined because they’re deadbeats. face it chumps, the cheapmos are frauds!

  • Larry’s a simpleton and has hidden desires


  • slowleftarm

    Actually FIFA gave the US the world cup in order to help us form another professional league here after the NASL went bust despite Cosmos inventing soccer during that time period. That was a condition of us getting to host.

    Anyway, other than a name this current version out in Hempstead has nothing to do with the team that had Pele for a few games 40 years ago. MLS has done more for creating a real soccer culture here in the US than the old Cosmos/NASL ever did.

    For some reason people still want to nitpick MLS. I don’t know why. Oh wait yes I do. It’s because MLS rejected Cosmos and their vaunted history and “global brand”.

  • Larry’s A Simpleton

    right! Let’s give the usa the world cup, because you know, the nasl folded 10 years ago! PELE!

  • The Realist

    I’m not knocking MLS. I am a Red Bulls ticketholder. I just remember life before MLS. MLS did not invent the game in the US and, for all the good its done, they USMNT still can’t get past the round of 16. let’s keep some historical perspective here.

  • Dr. Freud

    You are obsessed with the Cosmos. You need help.

  • Larry’s a simpleton and has hidden desires

    Does anyone else get an erection when they talk about the Cosmos or is that just me????

  • Larry’s a simpleton and has hidden desires

    That happens to you too????????????????

  • Rip73

    It’s called sponsorship. It helped there to be an actual parade. Perhaps you missed the several floats with massive Ritz crackers signs on them. The MLS float was very understated, and they donated half a million dollars to the parade. If the Cosmos only objections were that they didn’t want take away from the women…..why not donate money and still not do a float?

  • #Redbullshout

    I saw Ali Curtis at the parade. I yelled “Eff you, Ali! Don’t ever say Mike Petke’s name! Red Bull out! Eff You!”

    Then I farted at him.


    That showed him!

  • slowleftarm

    USMNT did make it to the QF in 2002 which sure did a lot more for the game in this country than the Cosmos bringing in some aging stars 40 years ago. Any momentum they built up way back then was surely lost when we had no professional league in ths country from 1984-1995.

  • slowleftarm

    Because they don’t have the money. Because 3465 showed up to the last game on a beautiful summer Sunday. Because they play minor league soccer with a roster full of MLS rejects in a college lacrosse stadium in Hempstead.

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