USL Works with Sportradar to Prevent Match Fixing



USL has announced a partnership with Sportradar Security Services in an effort to prevent and detect match fixing across all 450 scheduled USL games in 2016.

Sportradar Security Services is a company established to help teach leagues and teams how to best identify betting-related fraud in sports. The group provides consultation to key officials as well as state authorities to create communication and awareness between players and associations to best counter the threat of betting-related fraud.

“USL has more than doubled in size in the last two years to 29 teams and has become the largest soccer division in the world, so our partnership with Sportradar is a natural next step in the evolution of our league,” said USL CEO Alec Papadakis.

In the United States, betting and match fixing is something that has been regarded as a serious offense, with players and officials in baseball, basketball and other sports being banned for their association in illegal activities that compromise the integrity of the game.

In European and international soccer, the issue has been one that crops up more times than many are comfortable with. The last major club scandal came in 2006 when Juventus received a heavy penalty, including relegation, after their general managers were caught influencing the appointment of referees. With gambling issues penetrating all areas of the sport, USL are taking a proactive approach to staving that trend.