USL’s Wilmington Hammerheads to move to PDL

Wilmington Hammerheads USL


Wilmington Hammerheads FC will move to the PDL next season, opening the door for New York City FC to enter a new partnership with a team in the USL.

The PDL announced it has awarded the Hammerheads an expansion team for next season. The Hammerheads will retain the same owner, George Altirs, but will now be operated by the Wilmington Hammerheads FC Youth Board of Directors. As a result, their partnership with NYCFC will end and City will have to enter a partnership with another team in the USL or launch its own.

City’s partnership with the Hammerheads was annual and rolling so it will expire. Currently, there are eight teams in USL without an MLS affiliate. The three in the Eastern Conference are FC Cincinnati, Harrisburg City Islanders and Louisville City FC. The City Islanders and Louisville City were each once affiliated with MLS teams whereas FC Cincinnati have began play unaffiliated.

“The PDL is excited about the expansion of Wilmington Hammerheads FC as the league’s newest franchise,” PDL director Todd Eason said. “The Hammerheads have built a strong following throughout their history in the USL. For the better part of two decades, the Wilmington community has enjoyed a top-caliber soccer franchise, and without question, the future PDL players for the Hammerheads will experience a professional-level culture. We’re thrilled to see the team provide that platform for development for high-level, college-aged players starting in 2017.”

NYCFC currently hold an exclusive partnership with the Long Island Rough Riders in the PDL. The two teams entered the partnership in April and EoS has learned that the two clubs plan to expand on that relationship. As first uncovered by Reddit, the Rough Riders have also recently posted job opportunities on the USL’s Teamwork page.

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    • Hrvat

      Just makes room for their reserve team. That’s all

      • Larry\’s Brother Harry who loves NASL

        Boy, USL must be in a lot of trouble. They lost most of their Open Games to NASL teams this year & now teams are dropping down a division.

        Let’s dance to Acid Jazz.

        • Eric B

          Team, not teams.

          So USL is going from 29 teams this year to…29 teams next year. Sounds like they’re in sooo much trouble.

        • Larry\’s A Simpleton

          lol at you angry bill! i wouldnt be so fast to mock the pdl, considering thats where the dead cosmos will probably be in 2017.

          then again, maybe not. after seeing the way the cosmos killed the nasl twice in a lifetime. the pdl will probably tell the dead cosmos to **** off.

  • Deepblack

    oh, wow look which league is falling apart… lol

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