USMNT regret? No, says Giuseppe Rossi: “It Was Always Italy”

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If Giuseppe Rossi had to make the decision between playing for the United States and Italy all over again, he wouldn’t change a thing.

Last month, the New Jersey native and Levante UD striker was in the news after an interview his agent did on Italian Radio. Rossi’s agent Andrea Pastorello told Radio Bruno that, “In hindsight, going back to when he chose between representing Italy or the USA, we should have chosen the USA,”

Rossi talked exclusively to EoS after the ninth annual Steve Nash Foundation Showdown, denying the sentiment.

“It is something that I never said. It’s something I never thought,” said Rossi. “It was always Italy from day one.”

Since making his debut for the Italian National Team in 2008, the striker has scored 7 goals in 30 appearances. Rossi last appeared for Azzurri in 2014.

The Clifton, New Jersey native did indicate his interest in returning to the United States to play professionally in the future, but is currently focused on his career in Europe.

“That’s something in the future for sure that I would love to do,” said Rossi. “Now I am focused on my career in Europe.”


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  • John

    Hopefully MLS , NASL or USL does not allow this guy to play in the USA>

  • troy

    Hopefully you stay in Europe then.


  • Sammy the Red Bull

    He is 29, has 30 caps for Italy, his international career is probably over and he never played in a World Cup, yeah great choice Giusseppe.

    My family is Italian, but I laughed me ass off when he got cut from Italy 2014.

  • Donald Trump

    Our tax dollars hard at work educating and developing this individual. You are not wanted here. Go live in italy.

  • Stephen Kingler

    I mean it is no different then the German players choosing to play for America, except he thought he could make the Italian team while the German players knew they couldn’t. I very much dislike the guy he could have been a star here but he will fade to nothing, his club and country careers have been dismal to say the least.

  • OllyOllyOxenFree

    As always, f*ck that guy.

  • Silky

    He’s lived a better life in Europe than anyone could dream. His bad luck of injuries were the only thing that held him back.

    • The Don

      We don’t need Rossi!

      MLS has developed players like Freddy Adu!

      And what about that Michael Bradley! He had FOUR assists in the Argentina game the other night! THAT’s MLS, baby!

      Sunil! Fetch me a sandwich & moccachino!

  • John A

    I can not believe the negative comments, you fools do not understand anything. I was born to Italian immigrant parents and would have choose the Italian team also. At the time it was like choosing to play for the Yankees or a team in the minor league. Sorry but I think anyone South American or European would do the same. It is a fathers dream and you honor your father. Which I think is what happened in this case. Stop being such negative people, America was started so people would have the right to choose. Rossi made a choice, its his right as an American. I do not see it any different than American players who choose play in Europe. You get better by playing with better players, any good coach or players understands that. I would love to see him play in NY or NJ. Hurry back Beppe……..

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