Colo Colo’s Jaime Valdes mulling big money New York Cosmos offer

Jaime Valdes Colo Colo Comos

Chilean midfielder Jaime Valdes has a lot of thinking to do.

The 33-year-old playmaker is currently a fixture in Chilean power, Colo Colo, but has an “enticing” offer from the New York Cosmos that has both club and player pondering the future.

“It’s true,” Valdes tells AS Chile about the Cosmos offer. “The offer from the Cosmos is concrete and I will speak to [the Colo Colo] directors.”

The substance of those conversations may very well dictate his future. Valdes has spoken to several media outlets across Chile, and his message has been the same — he prefers to stay with Colo Colo, but only if the club wants him.

“I would like to see what Colo Colo think of my situation,” he said. “I want to sit with them to talk and clear up this situation. I am happy with this club, I like being here, but I am interested in knowing where my club stands.”

However, the Cosmos have a tempting offer on the table to lure him stateside, with AS reporting a deal which would pay the veteran midfielder nearly $800k a year ($66,000 per month).

Valdes has played and started in 13 matches with Colo Colo this season, scoring four goals and helping the club stay in contention for the league title, just three points behind leaders Universidad Chile.  Last season, he helped lead Colo Colo to the league title and was named Chilean Footballer of the Year for his contributions.  He has a long and colorful career, playing for Lecce, Atalanta and Parma in Serie A, Sporting CP in Portugal and finally, Colo Colo in Chile.

Valdes would bolster what proved a notoriously thin midfield for the Cosmos.  Last season, injuries to Marcos Senna, Danny Szetela and Joseph Nane forced New York to scramble for options.  A work horse with a sparse injury history, Valdes would immediately shore up the Cosmos midfield and allow players like Andres Flores to flourish in more attacking roles.

Valdes clearly wants to stay with Colo Colo, but the club has not been as forthcoming. Whether a move to New York can happen will largely depend on the decisions taken by the directors of Colo Colo.

“The possibility to leave is there because there is a real offer, but it depends on Colo Colo, whom I have a contract with, and my own wishes,” Valdes said. “If I look at it from the outside, going to the U.S. is tempting, and also the economic side is quite good and the opportunity is a good one for my family, but I insist that I am happy and at peace with Colo Colo, which is my team.”

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  • Doesn’t want to burn bridges with Colo Colo

    If they say go, he will go. Win win for Valdes sounds like.

  • Anthony

    Solid player, would be a decent get for the Cosmos.

  • Dave from Dix Hills


  • The Don

    I do not approve of this.

    How can anyone support a league without a foreign discovery allocation re entry blind weighted draft???

    • Sunil Gulatil

      Sir, we are doing our best to stamp out this league and force them out of business. It isn’t easy though. Please have patience sir, I beg of you.

      • Sunil Gulati

        See, I am so nervous, I can’t even spell my own name right. Mr Garber, please tell your billionaire NFL overlords that we here at US Soccer are working extra hard on their behalf…

        • The Don

          You are forgiven this time, but I warn you, Sunil…smash the competition or I will have my NFL Death eaters destroy you!

          • Sunil Gulati

            I understand, my lord, that failure is not an option. But should that occur, it would be an honor to die at the hands of you and your NFL death eaters. I cannot think of a more noble way to kick the bucket. All that being said, we shall do our best to align the ill-begotten NASL heretics with the holy vision of Messiah League Soccer. So it is written. So it shall be. Amen.

            • The Don

              That is better, my child. Now, GO! Spread the word of the National Futbol League!


              • Sunil Gulati

                It is my honor to do your bidding, oh dark lord. I think we have the media fooled in thinking we are doing our best to “grow the game” (or at least butt dumb zombies like Grant Wahl and Jason Davis…although I am afraid we may be losing Alexi Lalas.) Praise be unto thee, oh holy Don.

  • Sam U El

    @The Don… Fek U we got a 10 year plan

  • Andrew Bissonette

    Nice to see the Cosmos spending. 800k really isn’t too much money, but with Raul, most likely on a multi-million dollar deal, they really need to get their attendance up and a TV deal to be able to support this kind of spending.

  • slowleftarm

    Overpaying for another washed-up scrub but only if his current mediocre team in a poor league doesn’t want him. Wow, Hempstead is such a big league outfit.

    • chepe pedos

      chile has a better league than mls … go watch the NFL

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