Vieira favorite to replace Kreis, Reyna to stay on at NYCFC, more



As first reported by Sports Illustrated’s Grant Wahl, Patrick Vieira is the lead candidate to replace Jason Kreis as head coach of New York City FC next season.

Sources have also shared similar information with EoS.

The 42-year-old Kreis has enjoyed tremendous success as an MLS boss,winning both an MLS Cup and Supporters’ Shield trophy with Real Salt Lake. That success hasn’t translated in New York.

Kreis has had an up-and-down year. Despite a large-scale investment to the roster, including the hiring of world superstars Frank Lampard, Andrea Pirlo and David Villa, the fledgling franchise fell outside of playoff contention with an unsightly 10-16-7 record. That record includes the second most goals given up by any club this season (55), a -7 goal differential and the third worst home record of any team in the league (6-6-4).

According to one source, Kreis has not been consulted over the possible coaching change as of today’s reports.

Vieira has been coaching Manchester City’s Elite Development Squad and received his UEFA Pro License last summer. He has been on a one-year, rolling contract with Manchester City and has previously indicated that he would be open to an overseas position for his first head coaching job. Vieira has been linked to vacancies at Sunderland and Newcastle United this season but reportedly declined the roles stating that he wanted complete control over potential transfers.

As EDS head coach, Vieira has previously traveled to New York to see loanees Angelino and Shay Facey play with NYCFC. Kreis and Vieira also worked together when Kreis spent parts of 2014 with the Manchester City coaching staff.

Speaking to EoS at an event last June, Vieira was bullish about New York City’s potential as a talent source.

“We have more franchises, more of a fanbase and watching the games in Europe, the game is more attractive as well and faster and quicker and you have more goals, it’s more exciting. I think when you look at the number of kids  who play soccer at an early age and the number of players who make it at the professional level, it’s really the minimum. I think having City here with other teams around, I think we can increase the number of young kids growing into soccer because of the knowledge we have at Manchester City Football Club.”

While Kreis looks ready to step aside for the Manchester City favorite, EoS has also learned that CFG have decided to retain Claudio Reyna for another season. NYCFC’s Director of Football Operations has been out of the limelight since the lead up to the club’s inaugural campaign and will remain tight lipped through the end of the year. However, while avoiding the media glare, Reyna has also been behind many of the club’s biggest roster moves all season long.

The decision to retain Reyna was contentious among the group brass, with one source claiming he “barely made the cut.” Nevertheless, the former City player will be offered another year to right the ship at NYCFC.

As for the situation with NYCFC’s President position, Tom Glick will continue on at CFG, moving back to Manchester this offseason, leaving a vacancy in NYCFC’s leadership to fill during the winter months.

UPDATE (3:40 p.m.): NYCFC have issued a denial of the Kreis report.

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  • The insider

    As I have been saying, I am an insider. As I have also been saying, Kreis is out, turnover in leadership at NYCFC is huge and the are in a constant state of near total anarchy. Much of the rank & file at MLS HQ laughs about this franchise daily.

    Believe me or not, but the proof of the pudding is in the flavor. And this tastes awful.

    • New York empire fc

      Any news on Qatar sports buying red bull soon.
      Their not selling stadium naming rights for no reason, how much are they asking for $400 -500 million.
      Qatar money is never bad money, and look what they have done with PSG.
      By the way who has more money, Qatar sports or sela sports who own cosmos and if Qatar sports buy red bull, will MLS finally use the team name of New York empire fc or sc.

      • I believe we were the first outlet to mention their interest:

        Having said that, I haven’t heard anything in some time.

        • New York empire fc

          I do remember, but it looks to me garber doesn’t want to pull the plug on red bull.
          There’s a piece on yahoo sports about Qatar sports looking at red bull.
          It’s now or never for garber to sell red bull.

      • Jameson Pester

        Qatar money is always bad money. They may have lots of it, but I don’t want anything to do with the source. If North Korea had oil money, would we be ok with them buying their way into the league?

    • New York empire fc

      Her insider,
      How many soccer team names has MLS copy right for New York.
      There has to be about 5.
      Ny united
      Ny black knights
      Ny alliance
      Any info.

      • slowleftarm

        NY Alliance? Wtf? Come on man – that name is dumber than “Chicago Global City”

      • The insider

        Brooklyn Knights

        That’s three

        Don’t know any others

  • New York empire fc

    Whoever thought kreis would last 2 years or 1, must of been smoking some good stuff.
    Nycfc is own by Yankees and mancity, they don’t like to lose or be at the middle or bottom.
    I always thought kreis was the wrong coach, they should go for a mexican coach like Javier Aguirre or Miguel Herrera with experience or some big South American coach like bielsa.
    To be honest, kreis looks lost and bullied at nycfc, he has no big experience to be a coach at a big name team, maybe sounders might fit him but sounders also need new bold and a big experienced coach.
    Any news on Qatar sports buying red bull. That would be fantastic for red bull metro fans.
    Qatar sports has the money and connections.

    • slowleftarm

      Yeah Yankees are firing their managers left and right. Oh wait they’ve only had two managers in the last 20 years.

      • New York empire fc

        I never said Yankees fire their manager, I said Yankees and mancity don’t like to be middle or lower table teams.
        Relax buddy. Go cosmos :)

    • Jameson Pester

      A lot of RBNY fans, myself included, would vastly prefer Red Bull ownership to Qatar. If Qatar buys RBNY, I’m done with MLS.

    • ’96

      No thanks on trading energy drink branding for NYCFC-style human rights abuse abetting.

  • Niche Chavez

    I really am a complete tool for rooting for this team.

    I know!

    I’ll go back to rooting for the Cosmos!

    Or the Red Bulls!

    Or I’ll just be an idiot without a team!

    • New York empire fc

      Nycfc is fine since it’s their first year, cosmos need to be in MLS and red bull need to be bought by Qatar sports ASAP or some rich head.
      New York soccer scene has never been this hot since?????

  • Anonymous

    So extremely Metro. “You didn’t win the cup in your first season, so you’re fired.”

    Who is Reyna blowing?

    • The Sheik

      Our goal is to be the 1999 Metrostars.

      I think we can do it.

      Anyone who disagrees will be punished accordingly.

      • Anonymous

        I’m hoping for a hybrid Metro-meets-Toronto trainwreck combo.

        A Turducken of expensive failure

  • Troy

    I’m not surprised at all about Kreis. He was not a fit for a NY team and all that comes with it. Too soft-spoken and comes off as a quiet midwesterner. No way could he ratchet down all those egos. A NY team needs someone who can play with the big boys.

    Viera though? I just don’t see it. MLS salary caps require knowledge in working through the issues. Petke is available?! Wouldn’t that be nuts!

    • slowleftarm

      Do you think the salary cap is that complicated a concept? It really isn’t.

      • Troy

        That’s one of the reasons they hired Kreis in the first place – his knowledge of MLS and how to work the cap. Lots of other teams have opted for MLS insiders to work their teams rather than foreigners with no patience for the nuances. Its more complex than you think.

    • New York empire fc

      Exactly what I was thinking.
      Just imagine that :)
      Hey but christmas might come early for red bull fans if the yahoo report comes to fruition and Qatar sports buys red bull.

  • Anonymous
  • Blue Moon

    I think this is a great idea.
    Vieira can get some valuable experience coaching the JV team- the games don’t matter. Then, as he improves he can transition to the Manchester youth squad.

    This global football group is working out GREAT!

    • Larry’s a Simpleton

      None of this is going to ruin my season ending naked dance party and bbq. Young MC is performing live, Tom Byron will be there and there will be cooked as well as raw chicken! Come on over!

      • Johnny Feelgod

        I hope at that BBQ all the meat is grass fed and organic …Just sayin’.

      • Johnny Feelgood

        I hope at that BBQ all the meat is grass fed and organic …Just sayin’.

        • Bushwick Bill

          It has to be locally grown too. You know, think globally, act locally, and all that.

          Larry – how’s your wi fi connection?

          • Johnny Feelgood

            I’ve been to Larry’s. I can vouch for his wifi. It’s solid. Keep it on the DL but he’s tapping off the downstairs neighbor.
            She’s got Time Warner. The irony is she’s a NYCFC fan. Her password is PIRLO_LOVE.

            • Bushwick Bill


              It’s like urban hippie cyber peace punk.

              Very Freegan.

              I like it.

              So does my new girlfriend. She’s studying at FIT and works at a 2nd hand store in Billy burg.

  • Nick Chavez

    It occurs to me that many don’t know how a huge club that can spend any amount of money operates. I do. I’ve been Madridista for 13 yrs.

  • David Carlin, Farm Animal Molester

    Welcome to the CFG way of doing things. Win now or get shown the door. I feel bad for Kreis, but I knew this was going to happen months ago. NYCShitFC fans better get used to the revolving door.

    • Anonymous

      No different from the way plenty of other teams across the world operate in the world of soccer. This is particularly true of many big clubs and while NYCFC doesn’t fall into that category, MCFC certainly does and it’s really no surprise to see that culture/mentality extend to NYCFC due to their common ownership.

  • New York empire fc

    I know I asked this 7 times already (count them) but is Qatar buying the Red Bulls? My team sucks so it is really my only comeback. Obviously I’m not bright (I was one of the Petke whiners).

  • Anonymous

    Sorry Jason, you deserve better. Welcome to the revolving door of NY MLS coaches. Go find Petke and have a pint. Make it a quick pint b/c you’ll have another gig in 10 minutes.

    Cosmos have it right. Up or down, Gio is here to stay.

    But how did Claudio survive the ax? He build this team on quicksand.

  • George

    What?!? Even though they didn’t make the playoffs, I thought they had a decent year for an expansion team. And they played some good football towards the end of the season. They have some good young talent also. Wow!

    • William

      yea great year genius great year awesome give me 5 more years like this

    • Brad

      Blown out in LA and looking like a HS team
      Swept by RB very badly
      Knocked out by Cosmos in USOC
      Never seriously in playoff picture
      Porous D
      Awful home field w players slipping all over
      Sanctions by MLS and RB due to fan behavior
      Fans kicked off train
      Pirlo,Lampard not worth a ****
      Front office upheaval with at least 2 gone to RB
      Coach about to be fired
      Nazis in Supporters group
      That ‘issue’ at the NJ bar
      Raw chicken
      Not sure what team you were watching but this year has been an EPIC **** SHOW.
      Call it what it is. Orlando had a decent first year. Boy city was a league wide joke. That’s the truth.
      As far as good football towards the end of the year… Every team in every sport can play well ‘at the end of the year’
      Cuz there’s nothing to play for lol
      Man you’re either an idiot or blind.

      • The Realist

        Makes you wonder what his definition of a bad season would be.

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