BWP, Wallace lead Red Bulls to 3-0 Win over Toronto FC


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HARRISON, N.J. – On a night where club legend Dave Van den Bergh was honored before the match, Jesse Marsch’s side ruined the homecoming fellow former Red Bulls Michael Bradley and Jozy Altidore, taking out Toronto FC 3-0 in front 20,685 fans at Red Bull Arena.

The Red Bulls have made a habit of wearing down teams over the last couple months, and Saturday was no exception. Bradley Wright Phillips, Anthony Wallace, and Gonzalo Veron all found the back of the net in a statement game for the surging club.

“There has been an awareness that we are a good team this year,” said manager Jesse Marsch. “We can’t stop enjoy any one moment too much we have to continue to have our foot on the pedal and go after this game after game”

The opening minutes of the match saw both teams create opportunities, but failed to get it right in the build up, keeping the score level.

Things escalated quickly in the ninth minute when a tie up in the north penalty box ended in a scuffle at the spot. With aboth teams given warning, play resumed with a new intensity.

As the game grew longer, the Red Bulls looked the side with a better hold on the game. With momentum on their side, the Red Bulls struck first. A tie up at the top of the box ended with Mike Grella finding Bradley Wright Phillips in on goal in the 27th minute. With a touch, the striker converted the chance while going to ground, giving New York the early lead.

The goal altered the direction of the half as back line reinforcements Anthony Wallace and Karl Ouimette grew in confidence and physicality. The Red Bulls impressive effort at the back kept Giovinco and Altidore in check for the remainder of the half.

“Our backs they stood them up at times,” said manager Jesse Marsch. “ We also knew that (Giovinco) and Jozy their work rate isn’t the best so that allowed us to find the game a little bit.”

In the 65th minute, the Red Bulls managed their second of the night on a low and hard strike from the top of the box by Anthony Wallace. The layoff pass by Sacha Kljestan assisted the outside back to extend the sides advantage.

“Getting the 2-0 lead was vital because we knew at 1-0 they could still pull a play off at any moment,” said Marsch. “Whether it’s been Wallace or Lade stepping in everybody now has been up for the task; they know their rolls and they’re committed.”

Five minutes later, fans in attendance witnessed the debut and return of Herculez Gomez to MLS. The U.S. international made an immediate impact, prompting Jesse Marsch to counter with the substitution for Shaun Wright Phillips and Gonzalo Veron.

The Red Bulls attack was not done on the evening. Just before the final whistle, Gonzalo Veron notched his first goal as a Red Bull off a Joe Bendik save to put a final statement on a dramatic New York victory.

New York improve to 11-6-6, five points off the pace of DC United (44 points). A bye-week leads the Red Bulls to travel to Toyota Park to face the Chicago Fire on the 26th in a midweek clash.



  • Assuming that all this high pressing doesn’t wear the team down in time for the playoffs, they are a serious contender.

    • #redbullsout

      I refuse to acknowledge the team is playing well.

      It ruins my homo-erotic pro-Petke narrative.

      • Pretty sure I just acknowledged the team is playing extremely well. Not once have I disparaged the players or coach, or doubted their ability to do well. And everyone should have homo-erotic thoughts about Michael Petke. You dunce.

        • CosmosPetke

          Do you losers think 129 Facebook likes is going to force a $5 billion company to sell because your butt still hurts from pegging each other while you cried about Petke? Complete moron queers.

          • Let’s say we were enunciating our arguments while queerly pegging each other and crying about Petke; would that invalidate the arguments, and make it true that boycotts and advocacy organizations have never affected large companies?

            • CosmosPetke

              Occupy Wall Street changed the world, oh wait, yeah, never happened. Red Bull won’t sell because you people don’t understand sports and business. Get another team.

              • I’ve been here with this team for 20 years and I’ll always be here, but don’t let it bother you. Stay in that world in which zero social/sports movements have affected companies/teams and anyone who doesn’t like something you like is a pegging queer. You do you!

                • slowleftarm

                  I think his point is that with each win your protests look more foolish. I didn’t want Petke out either and I still would like to see ownership spend more money – not on over the hill guys like Pirlo and Fat Frank but on younger quality players like Veron (hopefully). But the team has played well this year and is in position to challenge for the Supporters Shield and make a run in the playoffs.

                  • No, that’s utter nonsense. His first point is that consumer/fan pressure never affects big companies, and that’s complete bunk. His second point is that people who support RedBullOut are worse supporters, and that’s also complete bunk.

                    Your point that the wins make the protests look foolish is just as ridiculous. Find one writeup from RedBullOut that predicts that the team would struggle this year, and points to that fact as the point of the protests. Find one writeup that diminishes the ability of Marsch or the players.

                    Our beloved team could win MLS Cup and the Shield this year and it wouldn’t change the fact that Red Bull ownership has been unsatisfactory over its tenure for a huge number of reasons, and has shown little sign of turning the page. A half year of success under Curtis and Marsch is no guarantee of continuity, local outreach apart from drink branding, valuing of cup competition, and other areas in which Red Bull GmbH is lacking.

                    • CosmosPetke

                      slowleftarm is right, your tired argument is constantly getting weaker. Like for the most part how you keep leaving Curtis out of your statements and not giving him any credit. Wah, wah, he fired Petke. That’s what we hear. Mike is gone, maybe will coach somewhere else but doesn’t look like anyone is interested at the moment.

                      20 years should tell you to stop being a little girl. Owners and management don’t need your flyer handing out self’s permission to do what they want, for any sport. Like what do you do for a living that you really think your dumb movement is making a difference? Seriously? Get a life. Go back to MetroFanatic with the whiners. Also Metro is never coming back either.

                      Compare how many winning and playoff season under Metro vs. Red Bull. Did you check? Yeah, that’s why you look ridiculous.

                    • Like I said, you do you! We’ll agree to disagree, and rock on buddy! I’ll keep polishing Petke’s knob, living in Metro past, wasting my time trying to push out a multinational company, and being a no-life little girl. You’ll keep being a corporate shill, attacking the history of your club that you weren’t there for and your fellow supporters, being everything that’s wrong with the world, being unaware of any successful social movements, having the social skills and IQ of a zoo primate, and having the anger and outbursts of someone profoundly unhappy with this life. Plenty of room under the big tent. And hopefully we’ll both get to see the team get a trophy this year!

                    • Charlie Stillitano


                      Things were MUCH better when I was in charge!

  • Maso

    Effective use of dp money…..Veron is on the field for a total of approx 20 minutes in 2 games and he already has a goal. Where are the goals from pirlo and lampard?

    • Frank Lampard

      I have already achieved my goal, mate. I found a team dumb enough to pay me a fortune to sit on my arse and not play. You want goals? There’s my goal!

    • Anonymous

      Lampard is out of shape and repeatedly injured and Pirlo isn’t a goal scorer. Judging Pirlo by the number of goals he scores misses the purpose he serves on the field. I agree with you about Lampard, though. He’s been a serious waste of DP money, but I don’t think anyone could have reasonably foreseen that it would be this bad back when he was initially signed. Whenever you sign an older player, you expect some issues, but this has been absolutely ridiculous.

    • RedBallz

      I’m with you! Soccer isn’t a team sport, Veron is just clearly a better player than Pirlo and Lampard. We never would have wanted those players. It’s not that we’re cheap….we just know these are the stars that will bring us our 21st failed attempt at a MLS cup. Ah…..that’s the smell of Jersey baby!

      • slowleftarm

        Poor NYYFC fans – the smell of Jersey obviously is the smell of defeat for your boys.

  • Pirlo

    Anybody know where I put my unfiltered cigs?

  • Ali is my man

    I am a genius.

    – Ali Curtis.

  • Guido

    This chat is as dead as our stadium….I’m going to go troll NYCFC’s page where there are people.