Watch: Earthquakes release throwback promo for Cosmos match

Pele's Final Match

What year is it again?

The San Jose Earthquakes produced this classy throwback video hyping their February 27th clash against the New York Cosmos at Avaya Stadium.

The pictures are great. The video, better. But that music? Perfection.

Give it a look:

  • Pele

    We all know nycfc are the next cosmos of North America but cosmos someway somehow still needs to be into MLS.
    Red bull will never have more fans than nycfc nor reach high popularity in MLS.
    If you ask me, the boroughs can easily support 3 MLS teams but MLS won’t go for that.
    Garber should get the runner up of Miami to buy red bull.
    If MLS doesn’t move fast, nasl will put a team with the name of New York United.