Watch: Henry’s wild elbow prompts Crew’s Warzycha to call for suspension

Sophomore defender Kevan George left his first start of the season against the New York Red Bulls a bloody mess.

Sporting a gash on his forehead, George was the picture perfect representation of what was an ugly match between the New York and the Columbus Crew.

Back in the lockerroom, Crew doctors administered stitches to stop the bleeding. What exactly happened was unknown – even to George himself.

Video of the match has revealed more, and Red Bull captain Thierry Henry is at the center of the controversy.

Challenging for a ball in the air, Henry attempted a flick on to drive the ball deeper into the opposition’s end. His head caught George just above the defender’s left eye busting him wide open.

While innocent enough, Henry’s follow through was anything but.

The World Cup Champion and Premiership veteran swung a wild elbow in the direction of George that just missed the rookie defender’s face – an incident Crew coach Robert Warzycha feels should be punishable by suspension.

“It was intentional and the referee didn’t see it, but hopefully it’s going to be reviewed by the league and he’s going to be suspended,” Warzycha told the Columbus Dispatch. “It’s unfortunate that I have to say that an experienced player like Henry can do something like that. It’s amazing.”

The incident happened so quickly that even George wasn’t sure if he was caught with a head or elbow after the match.

Have a look at the tape and decide; is Warzycha right? Should Henry be suspended?

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  • Watch: Henry’s wild elbow prompts Crew’s Warzycha to call for suspension #RBNY #Crew96 #MLS

  • Gruff and Manly Bob

    DC rule3 – Where the referee sees an incident and either does not act, or rules only a foul or only a yellow card (i.e., anything other than a red card), the Committee will not in general issue a suspension, unless:
    The play in question is, in the unanimous opinion of the Committee from all available video evidence, a clear and unequivocal red card; AND
    The play in question is of an egregious or reckless nature, such that the Committee must act to protect player safety or the integrity of the game.

    Ref is looking there and is still in line w/ Henry and the ball after they come down. I don’t know if the DC will come down unanimous on this one. I don’t think its’ clear and unequivocal. I’m also still pissed that Simon doesn’t show the foul against Cahill in the box. Player reaches from behind, across Cahills body and pulls him and he can’t get to ball coming across the box. THAT’s a PK too. While I can understand the Columbus PK, if your going to call one when there is no chance to score, which the ref could do, then you have to call it on a chance to score. Also find it interesting the ref supposedly told Kimura he had a poor angle but post game tells the press he had a clear shot. Wonder what changed.

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