Watch: Red Bulls’ Perrinelle takes swing at NYCFC’s Mena


Maybe New York City FC coach Jason Kreis had a point when he called out referee Ismael Elfath for having “a very poor night.”

Here is one call that he sorely missed. New York Red Bulls defender Damien Perrinelle got away with a swipe on defender Jefferson Mena as both men jostled for position during Sunday night’s third and final Hudson River Derby. Frustrated with Mena’s marking, the Frenchman pushed away from the NYCFC centerback, taking a left hook that just missed the mark.

This is one that will surely fall under the scrutiny of the MLS Disciplinary Committee.

If precedent is followed, Perrinelle may be subject to a fine and suspension for his actions. Philadelphia Union midfielder Fred suffered a red card suspension, a fine and an additional match suspension for a similar incident earlier this year.

Here is a video of the infraction

  • twitter_kerissaward

    Wouldn’t Mena face discipline? He had both hands wrapped around Perrinelle’s midsection and was holding him back. It’s obvious in the video that Perrinelle was getting frustrated and trying to break free.

    • Rip

      Oh….well if he was frustrated and trying to break free that’s a different matter. C’mon. You are never allowed to throw a punch at another player no matter if it lands or not. You swing…you sit. Unless apparently, if you’re Messi, when you can head butt and grab someone by the neck.

      • CosmosPetke


      • Dave L

        Gretzky, Kobe, Messi. All the big stars in every sport get away with a few.

  • Andrew

    City would be so lucky, since Mena is atrocious. But there’s a huge difference between jostling/holding and a punch to the gut

    I’m ok with whatever the DC hands down. Even if the contact wasn’t that bad, he clearly swung. DP should know better than respond to provocation, especially from such a non-entity like Mena. It will suck losing him for any amount of time as he’s been so good.

  • GM320

    Is there a better angle of this? I don’t see a “left hook”. If you slow the video down, you can see Perrinelle keep his left hand open. However, the right hand was closed when his forearm made contact with Mena’s shoulder. To me it looks like a violent push, not a punch.

  • Need a better angle. Still, LOL, classic. Call the wahmbulance.

  • Samir

    And the french dont know how to punch anyway….at most a feminine slap

    • Concorde

      And americans don’t know how to kiss.

  • Samir

    strange rebuttal ,but okay