WATCH: Tim Cahill speaks to the Wall Street Journal

  • ernj

    Great interview. Thanks for posting it. Anything he said off camera you want to add, Dave?

  • ICYMI – WATCH: Tim Cahill speaks to the Wall Street Journal #RBNY #MLS

  • Frank W.

    Americans need to stop apologizing for using the word soccer….it is what we call it, so call it that. The Brits coined the term

  • simon_m

    Agree with Frank…no more apologies for calling it soccer. Australians use the word too. In fact I’m for using both football and soccer when speaking of the beautiful game. We as fans and most people for that matter are intelligent enough to use the context of the conversation to not be confused when hearing the word ‘football’

    Btw- they call it Calcio in Italy

    Supper stoked we have Tim Cahill on the Red Bulls (the team not the energy drink) can’t wait to see him tear it up on the pitch next season!

  • simon_m

    The extra P was for extra super!

  • ICYMI: WATCH – @Tim_Cahill speaks to the Wall Street Journal #RBNY #MLS

  • eddie

    why does the american media always feel the need to get foreign players to blow smoke up our asses and validate the quality of this league and american players? every.single.time.

  • WATCH: Tim Cahill speaks to the WSJ- Empire of Soccer -had missed this! Love Cahill! Always gives great answers #RBNY