New York City F.C. unveil two badges for fan vote


A year from their 2015 kickoff, New York City F.C. are asking fans to help them form an identity.

NYCFC have unveiled a pair of team crests that will be up for vote through Thursday of this week, putting the future of the team’s badge in the hands of the fans.

“This badge is to be the symbol of our Club, a symbol of our players and we hope in time, a symbol of this City. That is why we decided to give our fans the power to take part in such a fundamental way,” said Claudio Reyna, Sporting Director of New York City FC. “Thanks to the work of Rafael Esquer, we feel that we have two designs that truly represent our Club and our City, and we’re excited to see which badge they choose.”

Rafael Esquer of Alfalfa Studio is a graphic artist best known for his work with the “Made in NY” logo campaign for New York City’s efforts to support local film and television production. He also helped produce the newest logo for the Houston Rockets and national team uniforms for the 2002 Winter Olympics.

Each badge includes elements of New York City, with predominant color identification from both the Yankees and Manchester City.


The first crest is described as follows:

The shield is the result of extensive research into global soccer. Seeking to give the Club a unique and distinctive character within MLS, we examined badges from every professional soccer team in the world. In the end, we found the answer right here at home. This design features the historic shield of the official Seal of New York City – a mark that signifies the pioneering spirit of the early settlers, which in the modern era, has fueled America’s undoubted move onto the world soccer stage. It is a classic and dignified badge, meant to be worn with sincerity, ambition, determination and pride.


The circular badge is inspired by the old New York City Subway Token, created by the Transit Authority in 1953 and used for 50 years as the standard fare for a ride. The last version of the token had a cut out pentagon in the center representing the five boroughs, similar to what appears on either side of the monogram, to reinforce the Club’s connection to entire city. The circle is also a symbol of unity, wholeness and infinity, and is often associated with potential and the number one. This is a modern and confident badge that clearly speaks to New York City’s status as a leading city.

The club will reveal the winning badge later this spring with a “badge of badges” mosaic featuring the many fan submissions taken through their #MyNYCFC initiative. The final design and mosaic will be displayed in the club’s permanent facilities whensoever that is established.

Fans can begin the voting at

“Our supporters will always have a voice in our Club at New York City FC,” said Tim Pernetti, Chief Business Officer of New York City FC. “We are truly excited about this opportunity to partner with them on this decision and we are counting on all New Yorkers and fans beyond the city to get involved, cast a vote and make New York City FC history.”

  • Anthony

    Well, one is a complete rip-off of Inter Milan’s crest..not that i am expecting much originality out of an EPL farm team. The other modeled after the shield in the NYC flag looks like a police badge and is pretty bland. Like most things man city USA…a lot left to be desired.

  • Pele

    I pele laugh at this MERDA …. A piece of **** not even worthy of my toilet… as a matter of fact pele says that NYCFC is a piece of **** not even worthy to be in a broken toilet full of **** thats been there a few days in a public subway rest room in the ghetto in the bronx

  • Dave from Dix Hills

    Agree with Anthony in the Inter comparison but the other one is purposefully bad. Why have New York City FC WRITTEN IN BLUE ON BLUE??????? So ridiculous. Not inpressed – like that Olympics girl haha

    • Anthony

      Its to give the illusuion to the rubes that this is an actual vote…they decided what one they wanted and purposefully made a clearly inferior design to get people to actively chose the inter milan rip off. Then they will announce it was overwhelming choice…giving the impression fans are untied behind this crest. I’ve sat in on more than my share of marketing meetings in my day.

  • Marco

    Hm. I think these are both pretty attractive designs. I lean towards the badge one. If only they had given a black outline to the orange N and the light blue C and changed “NYCFC” to white instead of light blue and it would really pop. I also like that they attempted to integrate NYC iconography/history.

  • Austin Wetherby

    The first one is so ugly. The NYCFC fans created better badges than both of these. I wish they gave us 5 to choose from. Both badges are very bland considering the massive amounts of icons and history of new york. Clearly the Yankees influence was far greater than Man City(Thank God). The second badge i like alot. This one is clearly going to win. I feel they put a ugly one with this one because they want this one. Anthony the first one does look like a police badge and ugly one at that. The NYPD badge is far nicer. The second badge looks like a knock off of what one fan created months ago and instead he should be getting the credit not this guy. If there so focused on 5 boroughs like the say then perhaps the badge should of been a pentagon. I had a feeling the badge would have a subway relevance. The subway is awesom. Overall i like the 2nd badge will vote for it. You have to google nyc 1950 subway coin to get te badge i suppose, not bad.

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