VOTE: Who Is New York’s “Emperor of Soccer?”

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Behind the badges of New York’s professional soccer teams are players who have won the hearts of their fanbases. But who is the King of Kings? The greatest player on the New York soccer scene today?

We leave that up to you.

For the first time ever, Empire of Soccer will crown an “Emperor of Soccer:” an award for the one player that has risen above the rest to become the most beloved, most respected and most important player in New York City for 2015. An MVP for New York, if you will.

How will we determine the winner? By the best way possible of course … asking you!

We have selected five players from each of the three pro soccer clubs in the New York City area. Your job? Picking the winner. Polls are now open — and you can vote through Thursday the 17th at 5PM . The winner will be announced on Friday

Vote for your EMPEROR OF SOCCER below:

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  • you put the Cosmos players at the end. Fix!!!

    • Andre

      That’s exactly where minor league player go though.

      • Hernando Peralta

        C’mon those losers of the Cosmos, should not be there at all.

        • Anonymous

          Just how the losers of the redbulls have no trophies at all?

  • David Carlin, Farm Animal Molester

    What’s with all the NYCShitFC players? They’ve done nothing but stink up the field..

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  • Rei Toei

    This is just silly. Anyone other than Dax or Robles would be absurd.

  • The Real insider

    Why are we including the minor league teams?

    They are irrelevant in the NY sports scene.

    • ty

      That’s what I’m saying Salzburg FC II and Man city Juniors are not real teams. They’re farm teams

  • jason

    if there was a poll of the best baseball players in the tri-state area would you include the Trenton Thunder players in it?


    Nice to see cosmos players :)
    Does anybody know if MLS, Nasl or USL own the rights the team name empire sc/empire fc or Gotham.
    I wouldn’t count out USL or nasl to put a team second team in NY/Nj

    • Resguard

      No, but MLS won’t do another NY team, NASL won’t do one until the NY market is stable for NASL, and USL could…


        Why wouldn’t nasl put another team around the area?
        All they need is 5 to 10k in the stands to be a successful nasl team.
        They have 2 teams in the Miami area and who thought nasl would.
        USL has red bull2 and they do not play at red bull arena, and don’t count out some billionaire to use his money by putting another NY nasl team and have a better rivalry than NYC vs red bull.
        That’s why I ask, who owns the naming rights to empire fc or Gotham, MLS or nasl.
        Imagine the cosmos in Brooklyn and the other nasl team at Randalls island or queens.

        • Terry

          Yonkers had shown interest in getting Cosmos earlier this year…They would be a perfect place for a second NASL franchise in NY area.

  • David Carlin, Boy Lover

    Why are players from an 8 th place farm team included. No one from that **** team is worth voting for.

  • I would have picked my man Dane

  • Anthony

    Senna or Robles….no one from NYCFC, they suck and are mostly embarrassing

  • JC11

    I understand rooting for your club during the game and wanting to beat the opposing New York team on the field. It seems very strange that fans of the three New York teams would want the downfall of the other teams in terms of an organization or a league. Having opposing teams and leagues only forces those leagues and organizations to raise their standards and quality. They can’t settle for the status quo. Go New York teams. Get better, battle each other on the field and help the US catch up to the rest of the world.

    • Mike T

      I agree. I have been seeing the comments on this site for over a year and am surprised how much hate exists.

      Good soccer in New York is good for the sport in North America. New York fans that despise the other teams and supporters is not good for the sport. I thought respect was something important in the beautiful game.

      Too bad there aren’t any football, basketball, hockey, and baseball fans on this site that hate soccer to say how stupid and worthless soccer is. Maybe that would give some people perspective.

  • jason

    generally agree with you JC11, except in the case of the cosmos b/c supporting them is throwing your soccer fan dollar into a black hole.

    They don’t even support an academy to help develop new young players in the area like MLS teams do, and this market/media will not support a minor league soccer product in addition to the 2 MLS teams.

    The league will be mediocre at best in a couple years with any decent teams getting “promoted” up to MLS, along with any good players.

  • JC11

    The Cosmos have filled to the necessary documents for an Academy. They are currently waiting for approval to start their academy. They will have 12u, 13u and 14u programs to start with. They also B team in the National Premier League. That team won the championship. The Cosmos also have beaten both New York teams in an open cup game. After they beat the Red Bull in 2014, the Red Bulls had to take the Cosmos more seriously and started their A team and won the game. This is a prime example of the two teams challenging the other to be better. Now the Cosmos have to figure out how they can beat the Red Bulls next year. Don’t think it’s not part of their plan. After losing to the Cosmos, what will be NYFC’s response be? The Cosmos can clearly compete with MLS teams. This is a good thing. It’s yet to be seen if New York can support three teams. It may be a struggle at first, but if all three teams pull through there will be so much to root for.

  • james d

    good luck with the cosmos academy, have been hearing its in the works with no real action for years, will believe it when I see it!

    Agree that the cosmos are really irrelevant to US soccer without a true academy and supporting young players developing on the roster (don’t see any), and playing in a minor league. MLS is doing a much better job of developing young talent, they should follow their lead…

    • EPL Fan

      yes, MLS has done a great job.

      US made it to the round of 16 in 1994 at the word cup and, thanks to MLS, made it to the round of 16 in 2014.

      Are you an idiot?

      • OpenCupFan

        Yes, mls fans are idiots, now you get it.

      • Mike T

        I think I am an idiot because I don’t understand what you mean by word cup.

  • james d

    hey EPL fan, you truly are the idiot – England has not even done as well as the US in the last 2 world cups, so does that mean MLS is better then the EPL?

    • EPL Fan


      It means that the EPL is not developing English players.

      EPL is better than MLS but neither league is devrloping national team talent.

      I realize you struggle with reading comprehension, but do try to follow.

      • OpenCupFan

        mls bots can’t read, they are just told what to think. It’s easier than reading.

  • james d

    wondering if open cup fans can count factual numbers like:

    -MLS has won 16 straight Open Cups
    -nasl teams lost 7 games in a row to USL teams

    have nasl teams even got to the semifinals yet, USL teams have, guess the USL (MLS reserve level) is a much better league?…

    • EPL Fan

      I don;t thin anyone other than Open Cup Fan, is arguing that NASL is better than MLS. I am just arguing that MLS is **** on its won merits.

      • EPL Fan

        Or “OWN MERITS” rather.

        • OpenCupFan

          I’m not arguing NASL is better than mls, I’m arguing mls is sh!t. – which in fact it is
          These guys make it sound like mls is LaLiga, get a clue #bushleaguemls bots
          #bushleaguemls killer -> NPSL Final had higher attendance than sh!t league mls “play-offs”

  • ted dev

    Is this guy on crack? MLS playoffs had higher attendance over 20,000, anyone can look up the figures.

    Hey, if anyone does not want to support their local teams or US teams, go ahead and go for EPL and Laliga, b/c we don’t need ya.

    MLS fan pool is growing by the year, and with the younger kids each year it gets more and more…

    • Larry’s A Simpleton

      dont pay any attention to opencupfan-jsprech-onionsack. He rides the short yellow bus to school every morning, if you get my drift. as for epl, he’s a poof from the uk, so nobody pays him any attention either.

  • yaki

    Who cares about attendance,its about quality and entertainment. Unfortunately quality is scarce in MLS. Consequently, many games are crap to watch because of low technical ability and the teams resorting to kick and run tactics. Not coincidentally,US youth model revolves around the biggest and fastest kids outrunning players to long balls and perpetuating the kick and run model, with little regard to technical merit as long as teams are winning games. Its never going to change and no one worth a damn is going to stick around in the MLS when you have a number of far superior leagues in which to hone skills overseas. To continue to believe that somehow MLS is on some meteoric rise rise to to soccer Nirvana is just being intellectually dishonest,ignorant or just plain stupid. Which one are you guys??

    • Mike T

      Totally agree that there is way too much emphasis on longball in soccer in North America. That is just a symptom of the budget to pay players. With that being said, the more money that is available for team rosters, as well as youth dev, the better results that we will all see on the field.

  • ted dev

    I don’t think anyone is suggesting an MLS meteoric rise, just good steady growth,

    and pretty remarkable where the league is already since top Euro leagues got a 100 year head start, and the sport in general is only starting to get popular now among many other options in the US…

  • Remarkable? You are a naive fool

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